Chapultepec Castle (Mexico)

por Jorge Castillo

Chapultepec Castle is located at the top of a hill with the same name, in the middle of Chapultepec Forest, section Miguel Hidaldo of Mexico City. It was build by order of the Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid over the Grasshoper to be used as a summer house.

It had been used for several purposes, since gunpowder warehouse to militar academy in 1841. Afterwards, it was used ass Official Residence until February 3, 1939, when the president in turn, Lázaro Cárdenas deccreed a law that establishing Chapultepec Castle as the National History Museum. It was declared Historical Monument. The Mouseum was open on September 27, 1944.



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DanubianKnightPermalink Reply by DanubianKnight 13 hours ago

Please tell if I am wrong, but I think Chapultepec Castle was the location of a significant event of the American-Mexican War of 1846-1848.

Jorge Castillo MartínezPermalink Reply by Jorge Castillo Martínez 11 hours ago

Good that you ask. Actually, in those years it took place a war against USA, in which Mexico lost about the half of it’s territory. In Chapultepec Castle took place a memorable battle, though some think it’s just a tale to console Mexican pride. Says the legend that on September 13, the Castle was taken by the US army. By the moment, the Castle was used as militar academy, with students from 13 to 19 years old.. Most of them were evacuated, but 46 of them asked to stay and defend the Castle. When the loss of it was inminent, one of them took the Mexican flag, for any enemy to posse it, and threw himself down, taking the flag beloved and his own life, before he saw them took by the invasor. The legend commemorates six of those students, but it could be symbolic.

Here’s a monument reminding of those brave defenders.